Guest Speaker Topics

Daniel is a gifted speaker bring a wealth of humor and profound truths to his talks. His schedule is constantly changing. A short list of workshops and seminars.
  1. Transforming Stress and living the life you want to live
  2. How The Ancients taught Quantum Mechanics
  3. Extraordinary times Create Extra-ordinary People
If you have a particular date or topic in mind contact us to see what works or when he may be in your location.

Add Heart Facilitator


The Add Heart Facilitator program is a self-paced course where you'll learn how to access more of your own inner balance and heart’s guidance.

You’ll also learn and be approved to teach these science-based practices and technology to your patients and clients, incorporate them into your work, and add them to your tool box.

Whether you’re a teacher, therapist, coach, yoga/fitness instructor, doctor, nurse or parent, this a perfect way to help and support your clients, patients or family.