What we do is really simple!

As a Life Coach, we work with people to help them be the best version of themselves.

 There are a few core principles that apply to everyone.

  1. Everyone has their origin in Spirit or Divinity.
  2. Everyone has innate magnificence.
  3. Everyone can express that magnificence.
  4. Everyone has a mind, brain and body that belongs to the Self.
  5. What we experience is informed by our mind, brain and body.
  6. We can learn about how our individual system works.
  7. Our experience is altered by the choices we make.

When an individual becomes aware of strengths and abilities that they have and choose to apply them, they develop skills that affect the outcomes they experience. Like with any skill, practice is important. Something else that is important is having a Coach help with the application of the skill.

Our Work is the result of extensive scientific research.

Scientific breakthroughs involving the Brain and Heart is driven in part by the work of the HeartMath Institute, the work of Doctors Bruce Lipton, Les Fehmi and Joe Dispenza. They help us understand how key parts of our system work, and how we can change aspects of our experience we had believed we could not in the past. The emergence of Quantum Mechanics as more a unified understanding of physics, along with discoveries in DNA, Open Focus and Epigenetics have unlocked our pathways in human potential.

Like the master sculptor, who sees the finished piece in the block of marble, we begin to chip away at what obscures that inner magnificence. With workshops, seminars, classes, interactive processes and coaching, we support the individual in seeing more clearly who they really are.

Equipped with an expanded understanding, people awaken to a new dimension of who they are and free themselves from past limitations.  

The scientific research has shown the profound connection between the heart and brain in managing the body and the experience. The research also shows that stress and how we process it is, the largest determiner in our emotional and physical health. So that is where we begin! Learning how to process stress differently in real time while building resilience changes our future. 

Daniel brings a passion for transformation in our personal existence. He is dedicated to helping people apply the subtle energies of life to improve their experience. His career as an educator, business owner and Unity Minister, has provided rich experience. Now, as a HeartMath Certified Coach, he adds to his skill set, techniques developed from The HeartMath Institute research, a world leading center in heart/brain science.

For more information about how a HeartMath Certified Coach can help you transform stress, freeing up energy to create the life you will love to live.