Our mission is to help you give your unique gift
free of the PAIN of being human and
become a conscious conduit of Source energy.

My name is Daniel Douglas and I grew up in a family with a deep commitment to Mystical teachings and at the age of 13 began explaining these teachings to family and friends. In my teen years I had a powerful teacher and friend, a saddle horse with whom I explored the rural countryside in upstate New York where I lived gaining a deep appreciation for nature, the abundance of our planet and the interconnectedness of all the inhabitants.

I began my professional career with a bachelor's degree in education and teaching junior high and high school students to develop skills working with tools and materials as a foundation for technical education. From there I changed curriculum and for over 50+ years and taught the application of Spiritual Principles in daily life. Some of this time was spent serving congregations as a Unity Minister, punctuated by entrepreneurial adventures into business, property management, Human Resource Development, over the road truck driving, and providing programs for people with disabilities, audio and video production. I have experienced the joys and challenges of a growing family with four grown children and seven grandchildren. I am in my second marriage of over thirty years to a wonderful woman who is not only my partner but his best friend.

I have lived in the northeast US, Midwest and California. For a while I was like the ferryman in the Siddhartha novel only my boat was a Limousine and my rivers were the concrete highways of Orange County California. Through it all I have come to know the meaning of life and now I am sharing what I have learned along the way.